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Test Connection to KTA Not Working During Installation

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During installation of APA 2.3, the test connection to KTA is not working when using Windows Authentication or the account name being tested.

The user can select Windows Authentication for connection with the database without issue, but for connection to the KTA instance, Windows Authentication, and all three accounts (Trainee, Admin, KTAService) cannot run the installer and connect to the KTA instance through the install media.


One option is to use the session id when running the installer. To confirm the system session id, go to KTA Designer >System >System settings >Logon and authentication >User sessions. This session id is only used to run the installer - it won't be needed to login for example. 


The second option is to confirm which user is logged into the machine itself as the administrator. Confirm the user logged into KTA Designer. Example: Administrator vs. Trainee. 

In KTA Designer, under Resources >Individuals >General - you can see the Username field value. Example: 'DEV\Administrator'. If this is 'DEV\Administrator' here, then use this exact value when running the installer, entering <machine>\<user> using the username/password method (instead of Windows Authentication). 



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AP Agility 2.3.0.x      


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Article # 3026906