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APA/IPA Support 24x7 Support Process

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The following describes the process for customers with active 24x7 support contracts to contact APA/IPA Support off hours for a critical Sev 1 issue that cannot wait until business hours.

If you have a critical production issue for which you need immediate off hours APA/IPA Support assistance:

  1. Log a case in our Support Portal
  2. Email ensuring you have your Kofax Account Support ID in the subject of the email
    • Note: Your Support ID is displayed on the Header of your case
    • clipboard_edd9b89e389fa9b9318ac3e09368b154b.png
  3. Ensure the support portal Case Number is in the email body.

Following these steps will ensure the APA/IPA Technical Support team receives your off hours support request, which will be responded to via the case. All other cases will be responded to normally during business hours.

Note-Icon.png Please note that this process is just for the Kofax APA/IPA product. For all other Kofax products (KTA, TotalAgility, Kofax Capture, KTM, etc), please follow their normal off hours processes and contact the designated Kofax Technical Support group by phone, as documented in the Kofax Support - Detailed Contact Information that is accessible from here :

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Article # 3031187
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