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How Can I Check the Length of Data in a Column in PO_Headers or PO_Lines csv Files Before Importing?

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Are there any tips or suggestions for a way to check the length of text in a given column in my po_headers or po_lines csv files? (For example, if my data import is failing because the length of one of my columns is greater than what the column allows)



  1. Open the csv file in Excel.
  2. Insert a new column to the right of the column you want to check.
  3. Name your new column LENGTH.
  4. Create the following formula in the first row below the column header (Example: your new column is H): =LEN(H2)
  5. Click in that H2 field and mouse over the lower right corner of the field. A + symbol will appear. Control double click and that should auto fill the entire column with the formula and calculate the length for each row. 
  6. Sort by the LENGTH column largest to smallest. This will show you the row with the largest length and you can then confirm if that length is too large for the column. For example, VendorSiteCode has a requirement to be 50 characters or fewer, so if you have a vendorsitecode that is too long, you can edit or just blank out the field. 

(In some cases, customers have tried incorrectly to insert an address in this field instead of an actual vendor site code for example). 


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AP Agility 2.3+      


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