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Unexpected results from Automatic Line Pairing

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Seeing unexpected line pairing results. Items are going into Line Pairing Correction. 

Why might this be happening? 

How does line pairing work?



Line Pairing has multiple steps to determine a match. 

The first step is a check if the invoice total corresponds to the PO total or the value of the delivered goods - if that's the case then it can be assumed there is a 1:1 match between invoice lines an PO lines and therefore it is possible to just book all PO lines.

If that's not the case the process starts looking at individual lines, trying to find a unique assignment based on the following conditions:


- Material Number


- Unit Price and Delivered Quantity (not relevant for Ashley as they don't provide that information)


- Unit Price and Ordered Quantity


- Unit Price


- Description

One of the most common reasons for unexpected results is that some of the above fields are not being used in the environment in question. For example, if Unit Price is not being used then 3 out of the 5 processes are not going to be possible to use, which can lead to a very limited ability to accurately match the Invoice Line to the PO Line. 

In cases where any one of Unit Price, Description, Material and Quantity are not being used it may be required to consider a customization to address line pairing. 

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Article # 3042623
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