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APA - Currency Not Extracted When Not Specified Next To Line Item Amounts

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When an invoice does not specify currency next to amounts in the Line Items table but instead identifies currency elsewhere, such as in the column header of the table, Accounts Payable Agility fails to extract the currency correctly.


Accounts Payable Agility does not extract a currency on the basis that a symbol appears somewhere on the document.

This prevents "false positives" where a currency symbol is incorrectly detected.

To prevent these false positives, the search for currency symbols is restricted to certain regions of the invoice - which do not include the line item table header.

Given that currency is often not printed at all on an invoice, Accounts Payable Agility is designed to not rely on extraction alone.

Therefore if, for example, it is expected that most invoices come from the Euro zone, it is recommended to configure EUR as the "Default if nothing extracted" value in the field settings for Currency.

Applies to:  

Product Version
Accounts Payable Agility 2.2



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