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IPA/APA - Exception 80070002 thrown during ClassifyExtract

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When processing a job through the ClassifyExtract activity fo the transformation process, an error like the following is thrown:

Execution of activity ClassifyExtract in job 04057A4B114011EAA2E600505693AA8B on Kofax Transformation Server on <servername>
was aborted due to the following error(s): Error from ExtractionProcess.exe:
BeforeExtraction: BeforeExtract: Script execution has been stopped because of runtime error:
Project: Line 64, Offset 0
(&H80070002) Exception 80070002
Additional info: FireBeforeExtractXDoc
See Kofax Transformation Server log for details.


The error occurs because the required .NET assemblies could not be loaded.

To resolve the problem:

  1. Re-run the Invoice Processing Agility / AP Agility installer on the machine which hosts the Transformation Server.
  2. Select "Custom" installation
  3. Select only "Invoice Processing Agility Assemblies" or "AP Agility Assemblies" (depending on the product)


Applies to:  

Product Version
IPA 1.*
APA 2.2 and later




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