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"Invalid Username Or Password" Appears When Windows Users Log Into KTA

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Question / Problem: 

Active Directory Windows Users were added to KTA (TotalAgility) through the AD Sync activity. When the users are prompted to log into KTA through the Login screen using their AD user credentials, the login fails throwing an "Invalid username or password" error. Why is the login failing?

Answer / Solution: 

When using the AD Sync activity to pull Windows user accounts into KTA from Active Directory, the user's password is not passed through. This is by design and it is expected that Windows authentication will be configured for logging into KTA for Windows users, not a login screen. Since the matching KTA account does not have a password, the login will fail when the user tries to use their AD credentials. The manual login screen should only be used for user accounts that are created in KTA as 'KTA only' user accounts.

Using Windows authentication for logging in will work for the AD Sync accounts because they have already been authenticated when logging into the computer workstation.


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