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***Obsolete*** Kofax TotalAgility - Prevent the Scan Create New Job from creating a job with no documents

Article # 3024835 - Page views: 313

Applies to

  • TotalAgility 7.6
  • TotalAgility 7.7
  • TotalAgility 7.8


In a Scan Create New Job (SCNJ) form it is possible to create a job even when no documents are scanned.


To do this you need to customise the behaviour of the Create new job actions as shown below.


The action dotnet_GetPageCount calls GetFolderFieldValue() to retrieve the number of documents in the folder.  This is shown below.  The folder system fields can be found in the SDK documentation


Before and after ScanControlCreateJobUsingProcessType you need begin and end condition actions.  This will check if the PageCount returned from the above action is not 0.


As a result:

  • When no documents have been scanned, a job will not be created
  • When 1 or more documents have been scanned, a job will be created