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*** Archive *** Ability for an Activity to expire and automatically move to the next Activity

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Question / Problem: 

Is it possible to have an activity expire and move on to the next node after a certain amount of time elapses?

For example, you have an activity that should only be available for 5 minutes after becoming originally available. After 5 minutes, the process would automatically progress past this node, even if the activity was not completed.

Answer / Solution: 

Here are some options.  Item #1, is one working example::

  1. You could use an Activity Due Date exception map. This could be configured at process level only for that node. When a Due Date passes, an exception map is fired and you could configure this exception map to do whatever is required, i.e. they could call the API "RestartJob" to restart the job at the next node if you do not want the activity to be taken and completed.  You could also use the API suite to actually take and complete the activity, e.g "TakeActivity" and then call "CompleteandProgress". All of these APIs take the parameters which will be automatically initialized as part of the exception map. That exception map can be configured to do whatever fits the requirements. 
  2. Contact our Professional Services group.
  3. An Enhancement Request has been submitted to include options like this directly in the Activity Properties.  (Enhancement Request 1554051: Add Expiration time to an activity to automatically move to the next node).  


Applies to:  

Product Version
KTA 7.8