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*** Archive *** Basis for Session and Batch Session Timeouts

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Question / Problem: 

Are the KTA Session and Batch Session Timeouts based on idle time or from the time the session starts?

Answer / Solution: 

The Session and Batch Session timeouts for Kofax TotalAgility are based on idle time, so as long as there is mouse and/or keyboard activity, the session will remain active. This was determined through testing by Tech Support as follows.


Test Steps

  1. Short Session and Batch Session Timeouts were created for 3 and 2 minutes respectively and 1 minute for the Warning alert.
  2. Continual processing allowed the session to remain active with no warning past the timeout period.
  3. The mouse and keyboard were then allowed to sit idle.
  4. After a couple of minutes, the warning pop-up window appeared warning that the session would timeout. 
  5. The warning window was closed and work then continued for more than 10 minutes with no further warnings.
  6. The mouse and keyboard were then left idle again.
  7. The warning window appeared again, but nothing was done this time.
  8. After another minute or so the session timed out and the Workspace was automatically closed.


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