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Question / Problem: 

Is more information available related to TotalAgility (KTA) Thread Pools and their configuration other than what's in the Online Help? 

Answer / Solution: 

There is more information available in the KTA Architecture Guide. In the guide, the section called Core Work Service explains how the core worker service works and how it handles thread pools for processing different system and worker tasks. The following diagrams give a general overview of the inner workings of the core worker service and its associated thread pools.




TotalAgility system tasks are performed on multiple threads. These threads are managed through TotalAgility thread pools. Every thread pool is responsible for performing designated work. For each System task due, a corresponding entry is added to the process Worker Task Thread Pool Queue. When a thread in the process Worker Task thread pool becomes available, the item at the head of the queue is removed and allocated to the available thread. This thread then performs the (due) System Worker task. Once the System Worker task is completed, the thread becomes available again.

Once the automatic activity is completed, the thread becomes available again. Essentially these automatic activities are executed asynchronously through threads in the Auto Activities Thread Pool.

Non-System tasks are also executed asynchronously through thread pools, in a similar fashion to the automatic activities described above. As an example, jobs to be archived and retention policy items to be deleted are serviced by the Job thread pool.

Click the link below to access the Kofax TotalAgility Product Documentation web site for retrieving the Architecture Guide for the appropriate version of KTA being used.


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