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*** Archive *** Is it possible to customize the Archive Folder in the Import Source configuration

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Question / Problem: 

Currently, when configuring a folder path for the Archive folder there is only the option to point to a specific folder. 

document archiving.jpg

Within this folder the structure is as follows:

• OK: Stores successfully imported messages.
• PARTIAL: Stores partially imported messages. For example, a message may be partially imported, if normalization of eDocuments is enabled and incoming message contains a DAT file.
• REJECT: Stores the rejected messages. For example, a message import may be rejected if decompression is not enabled in Message Connector and incoming message contains a zip file.

For each message, TotalAgility creates a subfolder under any of the above folders. For example, for a rejected message, a sub folder is created under the REJECT folder. Name format of the subfolder is YYYYMMDDhhmmss_<Message ID>. Where, Message ID is the unique ID assigned by Message Connector to a message on arrival. Each individual subfolder stores the document in the following file formats:

• File: Contains the message body and all attachments in original file format as separate files.
• EML: Contains message body and the attachments as a single EML file.
• XML: Archives the message metadata as a single XML file.


Are there any options to customize the default sub folders or choose what outputs of the documents are to be archived?


Answer / Solution: 

Currently in KTA 7.8 and lower there is no configurable options to do so.  Starting in KTA 7.9 and higher, there will be customizable options.  At the time of the KB creation, KTA 7.9 has an ETA release date of Q1 2021.


Applies to:  

Product Version
KTA 7.8 and lower