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*** Archive *** Support For Full Text OCR in Kofax TotalAgility

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Question / Problem: 

Is Full Text OCR supported in Kofax TotalAgility (KTA) as it is in other Kofax products, such as Kofax Capture?

Answer / Solution: 

Full Text OCR Output is not supported in Kofax TotalAgility. There is, however, a potential solution, which can be considered for a KTA environment. The SDK method GetPagePropertyValues() (CaptureDocumentService) can be used to retrieve the words of all pages in a particular document. Also, please note the following restriction for the use of this API method. Please refer to the SDK documentation for the version of KTA that is installed for any additional information for this method.



This API is designed for use in custom code, as such it is not expected to be consumed within and cannot be used in .NET process activities, web service activities and .NET form actions as TotalAgility does not support its class structure and thus will not provide access to some of its data elements. This API can be used in C# and VB.NET script activities.

If a business rule calls a CaptureDocumentService SDK API method in the context of a Classification or Extraction Activity, the API method will only have access to the document data prior to any updates made by the activity.


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Author:  Dan Iler