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*** Archive *** Automatic activity retries in KTA

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Question / Problem: 

Our primary SQL server in our SQL cluster periodically fails over from one server to another for issues and for maintenance. Even though the failover takes seconds, we still get an interruption in service and errors reported in the Kofax error logs having to do with SQL connectivity. This happens on all of our Kofax servers running KIC, KTM, PDF, and Export, but primarily on KTM dedicated servers. Are there any settings available to increase the timeout to the SQL server or increase the retries to connect to the SQL server

Answer / Solution: 

The Core Worker has a System settings > General. “Auto Activity Reset Limit: Allows you to define the maximum number of attempts to reset an automatic activity. (Default: Five)”. This can be also even overwritten in individual activities as per requirements. Override server reset limit If selected and set, overrides the reset limit for automatic activity set at the server. If the reset attempts for the activity exceed the specified limit, the job suspends, and an error message is added as a job note.

 Furthermore, KTA has timeout actions functionality if the timeout interval exceeds the expected duration. Available options are:

-         Retry (default): The activity is reset if the timeout interval exceeds the expected duration.

-         Suspend: The activity is suspended if the timeout interval exceeds the expected duration.

The target duration of an activity, if set, is used as the timeout interval for an activity; otherwise, the value of the Activity Timeout Interval In Minutes setting is used. This property can be updated as per required in the KTAConfigurationUtility


Applies to:  

Product Version
TotalAgility 7.3
TotalAgility 7.4
TotalAgility 7.5