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*** Archive *** Reporting processing batch size - WSABatchSize

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Question / Problem: 

Is it possible to control the amount of data processed for each occurrence of the reporting task?

Answer / Solution: 

Raw reporting data is written to the wsa_messages table.  A batch of these messages are processed each time the reporting system task is run.  To control the amount that is processed for troubleshooting purposes, set a system environment variable named “WSABatchSize” with a value of the number of messages that should be processed.  The default value is 1500.  Changes take place after the reporting service is restarted.

When troubleshooting certain kinds of problems, such as database timeouts, setting a smaller number may help.  This will cause less data to process at a time, and may alleviate the problem.

With other kinds of problems, such as orphan messages preventing processing, setting a higher number may help.  This will cause more messages to be attempted in one batch, so that even if some are orphan messages, legitimate messages may also process.

The most common need for setting a higher number is an issue that was fixed in,, and higher:
1396585 Case 26058595: Reporting stops processing messages in wsa_messages if the orphaned entries count is bigger than default number of processed records (1500)