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Kofax TotalAgility 7.3 - Keeping both Classification and Extraction Training Set Data out of the Database

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Please perform the following steps:

  1. Open a project in TD
  2. Open the temp location where the project is on disk (for convenience, right click on a training document and click Open in Windows Explorer)
  3. Copy the desired folder (ClassificationTraining and/or ExtractionTraining) to a safe location where they will persist
    1. Understand that this will be connected by the path as provided, so if a mapped drive were used, then a new user opens the project without that drive mapped, it will fail. A persistent UNC path available to all project developers would be recommended.
  4. Open the copied folders as new test sets from their new locations.
  5. On the newly created test sets, right click and choose “Use as Classification Training Set” or “Use as Extraction Training Set” as appropriate. This will swap the original training sets to be normal test sets, and the new test sets become the training sets.
  6. The original training sets (which are now test sets) still live in the project folder and will still be synchronized to the database, so for each, click on the <All Documents> subset, delete all documents. This will remove them from disk. Once the project is saved this will sync a blank training set into the database.
  7. Now the project will have the training sets outside of the database. To be able to train the project or use any functionality related to training, the person opening the project must have access to the path that contains the training sets.

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