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*** Archive *** "...the key "UsedFrProfile" does not exist..." error appears in my Transformation Server logs

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Question / Problem: 

I see "...the key "UsedFrProfile" does not exist..." error in my Transformation Server logs.
Why is this being recorded?

Answer / Solution: 

The cause of the error relates to the PDF generation activity.
When your process gets to this activity but the document/folder contain no pages to generate a PDF from, this error will occur.

There are two approach you could consider to addressing the issue:
(a) You could place some kind of check in your process map before the PDF generation activity to check if the document/folder contains pages. (And if not take the appropriate action.)
(b) You could review the overall design of your process ensuring that the possibility of a document/folder not having any pages does not exist.

To prevent the error ensure that the document/.folder value mapped to in the PDF Generation activity references a valid document/folder with pages in order to complete the conversion successfully.

Applies to:  

Product Version
KTA 7.x