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*** Archive *** Access the Kofax Clarity cloud server

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Question / Problem: 

The online documentation states that usage of Kofax Clarity requires that the Transformation Server be able to access the Kofax Clarity cloud server via HTTPS port 443. I'd like to know exactly the Internet address that the Transformation Server needs to connect to - this is a type of information I would need to provide to the customer's network security team.

Answer / Solution: 

For KTM or KTA, if you need to know exactly which outbound ports to enable and which associated URI's for which access is required:
(applies to both Transformation Server and also KTA Transformation Designer / KT Project Builder) [and KTM Server]
    •    Kofax License API for Kofax Clarity (auto-provisioning of the respective Google API key)
        o    URI:
        o    Port: 443
    •    Google Cloud Vision API (invoking the OCR process at runtime for each document/image)
        o    URI:
        o    Port: 443

Applies to:  

Product Version
KTA 7.x