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*** Archive *** Default Scan VRS settings causes Transformation server error in KIC

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Question / Problem: 

In KTA 7.4.1 if you have the following setting enabled or mapped (this set by default and Out of the box in KTA 7.4.0) in the Import source it causes a transformation server error message


The Operation could not be performed as the call to the Transformation Server instance listening failed. The error reported was: "No instances of transformation server are registered with TA or running at this time


Answer / Solution: 

The above error message can be caused because of the "Default" Scan/VRS that you have above so it needs to be removed and left blank as shown below

scan vrs in 7.6.png

In 7.4 remove the "Default" scan/vrs profile and save the setting.

Additionally; in KTA 7.6 this setting is left blank and customer can add/customize this by adding the vrs profile as needed.


Applies to:  

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KTA 7.4.1 Import Settings