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*** Archive *** Kofax TotalAgility - Import multiple emails into single job/batch

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Applies to

Kofax TotalAgility v7.x


A customer may want to ingest X amount of emails (and attachments) into the one KTA Job,
Currently, one job is created per email

How to import multiple emails into one job

The 'downstream' process mentioned below requires a Process Event to be configured, and a pre-condition on the first node,
This will stop the job from progressing until X amount of events have been fired – an event is fired each time a document (email) is added to the processed folder,
An 'email import handler' process is required and this process should be mapped into the KIC Import Source

Please see an example flow below:

  1. KTA polls KIC and brings in a message - An email import handler job is created.
  2. The email import handler checks to see if there are any downstream process jobs waiting for another message.
  3. If there are no jobs awaiting another message, create a new downstream process job.
  4. Raise an event against the downstream process job
  5. If there is a downstream process job awaiting another document, add this message to the folder of that job
  6. Raise an event against the downstream process job. This satisfies the precondition and allows the downstream process to progress.