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*** Archive *** How does the "Update PI" flag work in relation to KTA, Kofax Reporting and KAFTA

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How does the "Update PI" flag tie everything together within KTA and KAFTA?


Data from TotalAgility DB (core KTA information) & TotalAgility_Reporting DB (Capture information) gets pulled directly into KAFTA by scheduled Insight plans.

Let’s take the Hourly execution plan to illustrate what occurs under the hood:

  • The Hourly execution plan is composed of multiple execution plans. The main ones are Load Live Data; Load Finished Data; Load Reporting Data.
  • These execution plans connect to the respective databases, invariably loading data into temporary records
Tip-Icon.png For example, Job1 for Live Jobs & Jobs2 for Finished Jobs
  • The necessary Capture and Core Total Agility information required by the KAFTA reports get pulled into these temporary KAFTA records, irrespective of whether ARCHIVE_TO_PI is true or false.
  • The execution plan “Generate Records based on Records” then executes. This populates the target records using the data in the temporary records.
Tip-Icon.png For example, the Job record is populated using data from the temporary Job1 & Job2 records. It is at this point Core KTA information is retained/removed based upon the ARCHIVE_TO_PI flag.
  • Currently, all Capture information is retained within the KAFTA database which has been raised for resolution in TFS #590663

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