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*** Archive *** Kofax TotalAgility - Transformation Designer - NLP Stop Engine button is greyed out

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Applies to: 

Kofax TotalAgility v7.7 and above

Summary of Issue 

After adding a Named Entity Locator in Transformation Designer, we are following this section of the help to add custom Entities

Steps 8 and 9 are:

8. Navigate to and select the class in the Project Tree where your Named Entity Locator is located.
    The details for that class are displayed.
9.  Scroll down and find the Natural Language Processing group and then click Stop Salience Engine.
The Natural language processing engine stops. The next time the NLP engine is needed, it starts on-demand and your new custom entity file is now visible

However, when we attempt to Stop the Engine, the button is greyed out and we are therefore unable to follow step 9:


The NLP engine is only started when it is needed, it starts on-demand.
If we have never used the NLP engine in our project, it remains stopped and the button will therefore be greyed out


Re-run recognition (OCR) on your document
Test your Named Entity Locator
The newly created custom Entity should now be returned in the results
The button is now active
(You may need to release the Extraction Group first)


The custom entity will not be listed in the dropdown
Instead, we can specify it's name by typing into the Entity Type field