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*** Archive *** Kofax TotalAgility - Migrate Databases to another SQL Server or to SQL Azure

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Applies to 

KTA v7.x


We would like to migrate our databases to a new server
That could be a new SQL Server or to a SQL Azure server for example

Steps required in Kofax TotalAgility

When the Kofax TotalAgility databases have been migrated to the new server (SQL Server or SQL Azure),
Use the 'KTAConfigurationUtility' that is shipped with the KTA installation media to point TotalAgility at your new server

Screenshots below are taken from v7.7.0

Run the KTAConfigurationUtility as an administrator
You will be presented with the following window


Click OK to continue
You will then be asked if you wish to stop the services


Click Yes
When the services have stopped, 
Click on the ellipsis beside the SQL Server name on any of the databases:

The Server Setup window will open
Update the SQL Server name and credentials as required
Ensure that the 'Apply these settings to all other Databases' flag is checked
(Alternatively, you can update each database separately)
Click OK
The server names should now have been updated:

When you are happy,
Click on the Save button
You will be prompted to restart the services
Click Yes

The config files will now have been updated with the new connection strings
Please perform some sanity checks to confirm that everything is working as expected and that all services have been successfully started
Check the Application Event log if you run into any issues