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Kofax TotalAgility - HTTP Error 404 when exporting a package

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Question / Problem: 

After upgrading from base version v7.3 to v7.8, and attempting to export a package, the error HTTP error 404 is reported on screen.


Answer / Solution: 

On checking the Agility.Server.StreamingService.exe.config in the following folders:


C:\Program Files\Kofax\TotalAgility\CoreWorkerService

C:\Program Files\Kofax\TotalAgility\Agility.Server.Web\bin


 They contained the following BaseAddress URL:


<add baseAddress="http://localhost:80/Agility.Sdk.Services.StreamingService" /> instead of





<add baseAddress="http://localhost:80/Agility.Core.Services.StreamingService" /> instead of



After modifying those strings we were able to export package.


Note:  This issue was found to be specific to upgrading from base v7.3 to v7.8.  In v7.3 this was a valid URL, but the functionality was changed in the later service pack/fix packs available for 7.3, therefore if upgrading from 7.3.2 onwards the issue does not occur.  


Applies to:  

Product Version
KTA 7.8



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