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Error Invalid Column after Upgrading KTA OPMT from to

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Question / Problem: 

When upgrading an OPMT environment from KTA to the SCNJ form is not working anymore.

The following error is logged when trying to upload a document:


ThinClientServiceImpl.GetImageMaskedCommon() error: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): Invalid column name 'IsDeleted'.


No error is logged during the installation.

The column IsDeleted is indeed missing in the documents DB BinaryObject table.

The issue seems to happens when having an R1 system and trying to update.

Answer / Solution: 

This is a known issue which is logged in Bug 1622279: 26323253 - Tenant remains active when applying OPMT on top of

If we apply directly onto, the tenant is marked as “Active Pending Upgrade”, we must then upgrade the tenants via VM - and the tenants are correctly upgraded,

However if we apply onto, the tenant remains active and the upgrade scripts are therefore not executed against the tenant (as this is done via TMS)

Workaround is to run the convert data layer script again manually or  the tenant's status can be updated so that we have to upgrade it via TMS . After this the column is added and the scan form is working again.



Applies to:  

Product Version
Kofax Total Agility 7.8.0



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