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*** Archive *** KTA - Install Databases and overwrite Databases checkboxes

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If “Install Databases” checkbox is checked below are the actions it will do

  1. “Overwrite Database” is not checked then installer will check for Database exits or not if exits it will prompt an error message “This database server already contains the specified databases {0}. {1}To proceed, either overwrite the databases by choosing the Overwrite option or specify different names.” And not let user to go forward.
  2. Databases will be created only “Install Databases” is true. This include creation of DB and tables creations….

If “Overwrite Database” is checked on below are the actions

  1. It will prompt a warning to user to take a backup of db as it will run a drop script and recreate the tables, Sp’s and so on.
  2. This will not drop entire DB, but it will just the tables, SP’s and so on.,

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