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Kofax TotalAgility - How tp apply a FIX for the TotalAgility Documents migration?

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Applies to

  • TotalAgility 7.8 R2
  • TotalAgility 7.9


When upgrading to v7.8 R2 or v7.9 from v7.7 or earlier, document data needs to be migrated to the newly designed TotalAgility_Documents database.  If there's is an issue with the migration process, Kofax may have to provide a FIX to resolve the issue.

Steps to apply the FIX

After receiving this FIX, it should be copied to the same server as the KTA installation files and extracted.  The extracted zip should contain 2 files:

  1. MigrationPreCheck.ZIP (Do not unzip this)
  2. README.txt

To deploy this FIX, start the Agility.Install.ApplyCaptureMigrationUpdates.exe application in the KTA installation media.  This can be found in \TotalAgility\TotalAgilityInstall. 


After starting this application, browse to the MigrationPreCheck.ZIP and press ok.  This process applies the FIX.

After performing these steps, the database upgrade can be retried given all databases have been rolled back to a point prior to upgrading. 

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