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*** Archive *** Slow import caused by slow or no internet access

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Question / Problem: 

A machine without internet access could cause a slow import. 

Answer / Solution: 

Because some environments are very restricted with internet access, there might be a slow or no connection at all.
The import connector is designed to import a message as it is. If a message has embedded/inline images or logos which are linked to external resources, we try to load them completely before the import.
But without or slow internet, it would run into a timeout if it’s not possible to load them and this gives you the impression that the message is stuck in the import.
To avoid this, there is a setting implemented to avoid such situations. 
In C:\Program Files (x86)\Kofax\KIC-ED\MC\bin\KFXConverter there is a file named “KFXConverter.ini”:


Open it with e.g. notepad and search for this:

There is a section with the name [EXTERNALRESOURCELOADING].
Change it to “false” instead of “true”, then close and save this file to apply this setting. Nothing needs to be restarted. 
With this setting, be aware that inline images from external resources aren't loaded anymore and they are replaced with a place holder now.

Because this setting is related to the KFXConverter, it works only when this converter is used. 
This would be the case when a message header should be included or PDF/A normalization is enabled. 


Product Version
KTA 7.3+