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Kofax TotalAgility 7.4 - Reconfigure SharePoint site when promoting to another environment

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Use Case:

Promoting a map with SharePoint activities, from DEV to UTA.

When exporting a map containing SharePoint activities, and importing it to a new environment, it is necessary to reconfigure the SharePoint nodes in the map.

In this example, the map would have been created in a DEV environment and will use the DEV SP Integration site which will have ID = 1 (example value).

When this map is imported into UAT, the nodes will still be configured with the site ID = 1. However, as this is the site in the DEV environment, this will need to be updated.

When the SP site is created in UAT, it will have a value = 2 (example value). The nodes calling the SP site will need to be reconfigured so that they are now pointing to the UAT SP site (ID = 2).

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