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Slow import caused by network scanners with possibly 4kb messages

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Question / Problem: 

In the MC Monitor are multiple message imports with a very small size to see and they need very long for an import or are hanging. 

Answer / Solution: 

Those message imports have in our experience the size of ~4kb. 
A network scanner might causing this and further imports are blocked by those "4k" messages.
Noticeable is this by the size of the message and if you open them, the content is mostly junk.
And even you haven’t configured e.g. a Fax import source, in the MC monitor you can see message imports with a fax symbol clipboard_ec01faf786c85f4701b8f1f5534c47f13.png in the type column and those messages have mostly no originator and subject. How is this possible? 
By default are all features enabled in the KTA import connector. That means, the port for SMTP (25) or Fax server (1720, 5060) are open as listener.
If someone sends a message to this port, it will be seen as a message import and will be listed in the MC monitor.
And why are they hanging? 
Imported messages are processed one by one after another from the queue. When the first listed isn't finished with the process, it will not continue with the next message. 

Back to the example that there is visibly a fax import in the message process queue: 
Actually you need to define for every import an import source and for SMTP and FoIP there aren’t.
In this case, the message doesn’t know where to go. It doesn’t know which job or process to start.
So, it hangs in the MC monitor.

But there is a way to resolve this: 

In the “advanced” MC config - security options, restrict the functionalities which aren’t used.
E.g. disable FoIP or SMTP Server.
Note: disabling the SMTP Server does not mean that you cannot use the configured (POP3, IMAP,...) mailboxes for import anymore.
But if you need the functionality and you cannot disable it, you need to check with the network admin to avoid a port scanning
on the machine where the message connector is running.

Applies to:  

Product Version
KTA 7.3+



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