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*** Archive *** How to change License Server from Legacy MAC mode to Advanced DB mode

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Question / Problem: 

On a 7.7+ installation the KTA Serial is tied to an internal DB GUID. Prior to 7.7 the KTA Serial is tied to the MAC address for the Licence Server.


  • When upgrading to 7.7 from a previous version, the Legacy MAC address mode is kept
  • When installing a standalone Licence Server the Legacy MAC address is still used

How can I change the Licencing from using the Legacy MAC mode to the Advanced DB mode (7.7+)?

Answer / Solution: 

After upgrading to KTA 7.7


After installing a standalone Licence Server

  1. Stop the License Service
  2. Edit the License Service Configuration File:
  • Located by default at C:\Program Files (x86)\Kofax\TotalAgility\LicenseServer\KSALicenseService.exe.config
  • License server ID (1 = Primary, 2 = Backup)
  • Connection String to the KTA database:
    • On-Premise = Main DB
    • OPMT = Data Center Tenants


  1. Update credentials for licensing service with an account that can access the DB and local storage
  2. Start Licence Service
  3. Initiate the process to clear the old MAC association and request for a Temp activation code in order to activate the Serial against the new DB GUID.
How can I tell if my license server is using Legacy MAC mode or Advanced DB mode?

The "License Service Started" log message (both event viewer and Lic_yymm.txt) will indicate the mode:

When running in Advanced DB mode, the message shows:

License Service Started (mode = Advanced)

When running in Legacy MAC & file system mode, the message shows:

License Service Started (mode = Legacy)


Applies to:  

Product Version
KTA 7.7.0+