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Kofax TotalAgility 7.3 - Deleting finished job data for a specific process

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I have a scheduled job that is set to run every "x" minutes. Since this scheduled job started running it is using up quite a lot of rows in the finished job table. Can the data for this process be removed from the finished job tables.


We can configure retention policy on the process via the advanced process properties.

For example, we set this to 5 days and release the process. When the retention policy system task runs all jobs that finished more than 5 days ago based on this process will be deleted regardless of process version.

In addition, you can also set "record history" in the advanced process settings. However, this will only take care of future jobs based on this process. It will not take care of existing finished jobs.

For existing finished jobs, retention policy needs to be enabled. For future finished jobs, retention policy needs to be enabled or record history turned off

Keywords: KTA, delete, finished job, record history, retention

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