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Problems Related To Multiple Termination Of KTA Jobs

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Question / Problem: 

Are any problems created if a Kofax TotalAgility (KTA) job is terminated more than once?

Answer / Solution: 

If a KTA job is terminated more than once, it could raise issues related to the job and/or retention of the job. There is a known bug in the product prior to version (fix pack 15) that causes a job to be permanently deleted from the Archive database if the job is terminated more than once.

Bug 1307536: [] Terminated API deletes already terminated job from the archive database

The fix for this bug was included in fix pack 15 (v7.5.0.15). 

Even with fix pack 15 applied, terminating a job multiple times might still cause issues, so it's best to avoid that scenario.

If there is a process in place in a job for terminating jobs the following configuration would be helpful for preventing this behavior.

First, get the status of the job using the method GetMinJobDetails(). If the status is Completed (1) or Terminated (2) then you should not call TerminateJob().


Applies to:  

Product Version
KTA and lower



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