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API to return available document types

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Question / Problem: 

Is there an API to return available document types?

Answer / Solution: 

Yes, the API function GetDocumentTypeIdentities is available on the CaptureDocumentService as of KTA and KTA  The readme documents the following:

1618152 Case 26233609: Provide an API that returns list of valid document types

A new method was added to the Capture Document Service:

public Agility.Sdk.Model.Capture.DocumentTypeIdentityCollection GetDocumentTypeIdentities
    (string sessionId, Agility.Sdk.Model.Capture.ClassificationGroupIdentityCollection classificationGroups)
Member of Agility.Sdk.Services.CaptureDocumentService

Get all the non-root document types in all the document groups referenced by the given classification groups. 
"Root" document types are for internal use only. If multiple classification groups reference the same document group, 
there will be duplicate entries

sessionId: A string that uniquely identifies the Session for the current logged on user. 
If the SessionId is invalid then an exception will be raised.
classificationGroups: A collection of ClassificationGroupIdentity objects

A collection of DocumentTypeIdentity objects

KTA Package:

As an example of the API, import the attached package and navigate to DocumentTypesAPI.form.  It allows you to provide the name of a Classification Group and return the document types available within it.


View the form in the Designer to see how the API is called.



Applies to:  

Product Version
KTA 7.8+



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