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How to display customized message on ‘Current Error’ of Scan Form

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Question / Problem: 

Messages on ‘Current Error’ of Scan Form are automatically displayed when Folder, Document, or Field have some problems. However, there is no Form Action or API method to display messages we would like to display. In some cases, we would like to display customized messages on this panel.

Answer / Solution: 

Use JQuery script to display your customized message on ‘Current Error’.


  1. On Scan Form, Press F12 key to open dev tool to check the element name of ‘Current Error’ panel: F12 Dev tool on Scan Form.jpg

     [Note]: Element names can be changed by KTA versions. You have to confirm the name for each version.

 2. Create a JavaScript action and write JQuery code like below to set any error message.


    $('#textarea-1043-inputEl').val('Some Error Message');

3. After releasing the form, the message is displayed on ‘Current Error’:

Current Error on Scan Form.JPG


Applies to:  

Product Version
KTA 7.6.0