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*** Archive *** Kofax TotalAgility - Using fields in multiple Multi-Field Validation Rules

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Applies to

Kofax TotalAgility v7.x


We have multiple fields in our Extraction Group
We have two or more 'Field Validation' rules of type Business Rule for example that have 2 inputs (as well as the Error and IsValid outputs)
We map Field1 and Field2 into rule 1,
We map Field3 and FIeld2 into rule 2

When executed at runtime, we notice that only the first rule is fired - marking Field1 and Field2 invalid
The second Field Validation doesn't fire and thus, Field3 remains valid


Multi field rules are not executed if a field is invalid,
Therefore as the first Field Validation Rule marked Field2 as invalid, the second Field Validation Rule will not fire

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