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Question / Problem: 

How can I provide a table size report for a SQL database?

Answer / Solution: 

KTA writes raw reporting data directly to the wsa_messages table of the TotalAgility_Reporting_Staging database.  Then the first phase of processing expands that raw data out into the other tables of the staging database.  The next phase of processing merges that data into the existing data in the data warehouse, which is the TotalAgility_Reporting database.

When there are problems occurring in the processing of reporting data, it can be useful to see the sizes of all of the tables to have a general understanding of where there are bottlenecks or backlogs if any.  A good way to do this is a “Disk Usage by Table” report.

Open SQL Server Management Studio, right click on the database > Reports > Standard Reports > Disk Usage by Table.  Once the report opens, right click on the report itself and choose Export > Excel, then save and provide this file.  Do this for both the TotalAgility_Reporting and TotalAgility_Reporting_Staging databases.  Include the KAFTA database if applicable.



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