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*** Archive *** Is More Information Available For KTA Fixes Other Than The Readme File

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When new fixes for Kofax TotalAgility (KTA) become available for general release, is more information about a particular fix available other than the included Readme file?


Reported bug fixes and new features for a particular release of the TotalAgility product are typically included in a regularly scheduled service and/or fix pack. Service Packs will typically include a Release Notes file as a PDF file and be included in the Documentation in the service pack release. Fix packs will typically include a Readme text file, which will document new features as well as included fixes. There will usually be a short description of the new feature or the fix, including the reference number, and for the fix, there will sometimes be some information regarding additional configuration for the fix. The file will also show fix information for previous fix packs back to the last service pack version and or the last major version of the product. The latest service/fix pack for general release always includes the previous fixes from earlier versions.

Depending on the circumstances, a custom fix may be released for a particular issue only. This is usually a fix that is customer driven for a specific issue in the customer's environment. Many times these fixes will be included in a later general release service/fix pack, if they are suitable for general release.

If a customer has specific questions regarding a particular feature/fix and the information isn't supplied in the Readme file, a Tech Support case can be created and Tech Support can provide more information related to the particular feature/fix, if it's available.

Please note, too, that it is always recommended to apply any new fixes and patches to a Test/DEV environment for thorough testing prior to integrating the fix in a production environment. This should help to expose any new issues related to applying the fix prior to applying it to Production.


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