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Canon scanner to increment the imprint index successfully using the Scan form


When imprinting using the KTA scan form, the imprinting index is not incremented using a Canon scanner.

The reason, the Canon driver does not update the CAP_PRINTERINDEX as it is described in the TWAIN specification. Therefore, it is not supported by the Kofax Web capture service.

We recommend enabling a VRS scan source for imprinting with Canon scanners on the Kofax Web capture service. The steps below advise how to circumvent this problem.

First Step - Which license mode

Which license mode do you want to use?   First, please check this KTA install guide VRS section.

KTA comes with 6 VRS Elite licenses by default.  The Product overview can be found here

Also, some Canon series scanners have an OEM version of VRS Professional. For example, the Canon DR 200 series.

Second Step - Installation

Please follow the relevant steps in the KTA installation guide VRS sections or if applicable this KB to install VRS server on a Scan Workstation.

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