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How To Display A Document In A KTA Form

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How To Display A Document In A KTA Form

Below are the steps for displaying a document in a Web Control on a KTA form:

  1. Create a process.
  2. Click on the Variables icon.
  3. Add a document type variable. Make it an initialization variable.
  4. Enable the "Initialization From Scan" option in the Process Extended Properties under the Capture menu.
  5. Add an Ordinary activity and consume the Document.InstanceID variable to the activity's Input window under the Input/Output menu in the Extended Properties.
  6. Release and close the process.
  7. Create a Take Activity form.
  8. Edit the form and add a Web Capture control.
  9. Configure the Web Capture control to hide unnecessary buttons.
  10. Create an Action
  11. Use the Same Page action. Set the Target to WebCapture.DocumentId and the Source/Value to Document_InstanceID_Input.
  12. In the Extended Properties of the form under the Events menu consume the action in the Form's Loaded Event Type (under takependingactivity).
  13. Optionally, hide the Document Instance ID text box under the General menu.
  14. Release and close the form.
  15. Create a new Scan Create New Job form for the new process.
  16. Test by logging into the TotalAgility Workspace, enter the Scan URL, and scan/import a document then create the job.
  17. Take the activity and the document will be displayed.
NOTE: If you import a PDF file, an Image Processing activity will need to be added with the Convert to TIFF option enabled prior to displaying the image so the PDF can be converted to TIFF.

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