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How To Restrict Kofax Express Users From Modifying TotalAgility Configurations

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Question / Problem: 

By default, Kofax Express users have access to the configuration settings for the Kofax Export Connector for TotalAgility (KTA). This allows the users the ability to change important configuration settings, such as the user account and password, which could possibly disable access to TotalAgility.

Answer / Solution: 

The screenshot below shows the Kofax Express user access to the Kofax Export Connector for KTA configuration. By default, the logged-in user has full access to all options in Kofax Express. The user access can be restricted by editing the ExpressAccess.xml file included with Kofax Express.



The attached Kofax Express Installation Guide will show how to restrict the user access under the Administrator Access/ExpressAccess.xml section on page 22. This will allow the Admin to define what areas the logged-in user has access to.


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