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Installing Export Connector fails

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Question / Problem: 

When attempting to install an export connector (Text, Database, etc.), the installer rolls back with "...ended prematurely" message.


Answer / Solution: 

Locate "C:\Program Files (x86)\Kofax\TotalAgility\ExportConnectors\bin folder".
In here there is a config file called RegAscSc.Exe.Config,
Open the config file and search for “DefaultSessionId”
Please confirm that the DefaultSessionId matches the System SessionId from the KTA Designer (System Settings Module -> System Settings),
If the two Session id's do not match,
Update the RegAscSc.Exe.Config to match the System Session Id,
Save the config file and rerun the Export Connector Installation.


Applies to:  
Product Version
TotalAgility 7.5



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