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KTA 7.x - Why does the first call to a KTA API take time to respond?

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Question / Problem: 

We have an application that calls KTA's APIs directly, and have noticed that the first call to any API takes a long time to respond, and subsequent calls would be much faster.

The first call can take up to 10 seconds to respond and all subsequent calls take less than 1 second each.


Answer / Solution: 

The delay occurs since IIS has to initialize the app pool if it has been idle for 20 minutes or more (default).   This results in some extra time on the first call.

Fortunately, there is an IIS feature which allows you to initialize app pools after IIS recycles. Below, are the IIS properties:


IIS settings:


TotalAgility AppPool > Advanced Settings

  • Idle timeout (minutes) = 0
  • Start Mode-> Always Running
  • TotalAgility Application ->Manage Application > Advanced Settings > Preload Enabled = True
  • IIS Application Initialization (per link below)

Further IIS Application Initialization information can be found here:



Applies to:  

Product Version
KTA 7.x