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KTA Job With No Transformation Project Deducting Transformation Volume

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Question / Problem: 

A Kofax TotalAgility (KTA) process has been configured so as not to incur deduction of Transformation Volume licenses. A single Classification Activity exists that uses bar code separation to determine the Class/Document Type. When jobs run it is observed that when a bar code is not detected or does not exist on a page, Transformation volume is deducted. If a bar code is successfully detected/extracted, then no volume is deducted. Is there a way to prevent the volume from being deducted when the bar code detection fails?

Answer / Solution: 

This behavior occurs because the default configuration of Classification within Transformation Designer is to have Content and Layout classification enabled. This needs to be disabled so that no classification is performed. Normally, volume deduction is not incurred if bar code separation is used for classifying, but if the bar code detection fails, then the default settings will cause classification to occur, deducting the volume.


The following enhancement request has been submitted to alert a designer that this behavior will occur if the options are not disabled.

Enhancement Request 1348660: ER - Display Alert For KTA Transformation Volume Deduction When No Project Enabled


Here are the steps to disable the classification.

  1. Open Transformation Designer and the classification project.
  2. Open 'Project Settings' under the Project menu.
  3. Click on the 'Classification' tab.
  4. In the 'Classification Settings' section set the 'Default classification result:' to unclassified.
  5. In the 'Layout Classification' section set the 'Classification behavior:' option to 'Do not use layout classification.'
  6. In the 'Content Classification' section set the 'Classification behavior:' option to 'Do not use content classification.'
  7. Save the changes and release the project.
  8. Test a process job to see that no Transformation volume is being deducted.
  9. See the attached screenshot for reference.


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