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Kofax TotalAgility - How to configure Complete and Take Next Activity to take activities from a specific process

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Applies to

Kofax TotalAgility v7.x


With the 'Complete and take next activity' functionality enabled, a user finds that the "next activity" is not from the expected process
This is due to the functionality not being configured correctly, we need to enable custom sorting, use a Work Queue Query and use Work Allocation Rules in order to choose the next activity from a specific process

Enable Custom Sorting

We need to select the 'Include complete and next button' option when generating a take activity form in order to see the 'Complete and Next' button,

By default, activities are sorted based on "ActivityDueDatePriority - Process activities in the order of activity due date and activity priority."
This is controlled by the CoreWorkerActivityOrder - see Appendix D (page 80) of the Admin Guide

Functionality was added to the product in v7.5 to enable custom sorting,
This has to be enabled in the Designer - System Settings - Work Process:


IIS, Coreworker & Streaming services must be restarted after enabling the custom sorting

Create a Work Queue Query

Create a new Work Queue Query so that you can choose what you want to sort on e.g. Process
The options we have to sort on are:

Give the Query a name and save it

Create Work Allocation Rules

When we create the WorkQueue query that sorts, we can then create a Work Allocation Rule to use this WQ Query,

We create the Work Allocation Rule in the Workspace - Administration - Work Allocation Rules menu,

We then associate the Work Allocation Rule with our resource - this can be done via Designer:
WorkAllocationRules - Individual - Designer.png

Or Workspace (Workspace - Administration - Manage Resources):
WorkAllocationRules - Group - Workspace.png

For the next activity to work as expected,
Either the resource or the resource's working group must have a work allocation rule assigned,
Take next activity should then work as expected