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Kofax TotalAgility 7.7 - Translating Lookups

This article describes how to enable translations for a Lookup and the expected run-time behaviour for the chosen language.

Applies to

Kofax TotalAgility v7.7


To create and translate lookup items into multiple languages the content that appears depends on the language selected.

To translate a lookup, you must first define a list for the Default language, and then provide translations for those items in other languages.

Therefore, if you wish to add translations for multiple languages, you must select the "Multilingual" option and then add the Supported Languages.

For Content, select Translate default options for each language (default).  Then select the appropriate language from the Configure lookup for dropdown list and add a translation for each of the lookup items.

You can also add a translation for Prompt for each individual language.

Save the changes once you have configured the translations accordingly.


At run-time, the translations are displayed based on the Browser language in the following order:

Language - Region


Default Language


Therefore, if your browser is set to "German - Germany", it will look for this language in Supported Languages to find the appropriate translations.

If it cannot find translations under Language - Region, it will then look for translations for Language, i.e. German.  

If it cannot find translations under Language it will then revert to the Default language.