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Merge supporting libraries within the main dot-net solution

Article # 3032835 - Page views: 33

Article # 3032835 - Page views: 33


Does KTA supports Dot-Net Core project type?

If yes, they would like to know how to merge the supporting libraries within the main dot-net solution, so that they can use the DLL in the Kofax store instead of pointing the DLL locally.

The reason for this request is because Dot-net standard library cannot be used in Dotnet framework project. If they are using external library to do some operation it will be of .net core standard library.



We have confirmation that KTA runs on the .Net Framework, but not .Net Core. This is stated in the KTA Tech Specs.

In the past we have had Solutions developed by VM which have used .Net Core libraries, so it may be possible with heavy development as KTA itself is not impacted by .NET Core. 

And therefore it can be installed along side .NET Framework which KTA uses directly.

However, to design a solution which uses .Net core, that you'll need to consult with Professional Services to discuss this further.


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KTA 7.5