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PDF Images Not Converting In KTA With Adobe Experience Manager/LiveCycle Server


Question / Problem: 

PDF XFA type fillable files are being ingested into KTA and a Document Conversion profile and activity are configured to use an Adobe Experience Manager/LiveCycle server to convert the files, but the conversion is failing, even with the correct configuration.

Answer / Solution: 

KTA logging has revealed that the the request to the Adobe server is going as blob=http which causes the return of RemoteURL and the conversion fails since KTA does not support blob=http. The URL configured for the Document Conversion should have '?blob=base64' added to the end of the URL in order to allow the connection to work. Here is an example of how the URL should be configured.






Updating the URL and adding '?blob=base64' at the end will solve the issue. Please also note that the Transformation Server service(s) will need to be restarted after making this change.

An Enhancement Request has been submitted for the KTA documentation to have this information included in the documentation. Here is the enhancement request information.

Enhancement Request 1382121: Document that Document Conversion's use of Adobe Experience Manager (previously Adobe LiveCycle) requires setting blob=base64


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