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Change landing tab on capture forms

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Question / Problem: 

I am working on a Capture Validation form and I would like to know if it is possible for me to change the landing tab of the form.
By default, the landing tab is the "Document" tab and I would like it to be the "Activity tab"

Use Case:

I need the operator to answer a few questions before validating the extraction and I would like to do that in the same activity.

If it is not possible to change the landing page or to do that I would have to make some change in the source code of KTA, it is OK, I can break this action in 2 activities

Answer / Solution: 

By default the landing page of a validation is the "Document" tab but if you intend to change this behavior so that the landing page is the "Activity" tab then follow the steps below. The steps would allow you to use a "Set Focus" action and set the focus unto the "Activity" tab to make it the landing page.

Enter How to here:

  1. The validation page would look something like this with the "Document", "Folder", and "Activity" tabs.Landing1.png
  2. Log into form designer and open the validation formLanding2.png
  3. Create a "set focus" action on the form and map it to the text box on the formLanding3.png
  4. When the field is mapped properly it should look like thisLanding4.png 
  5. Map the action to the event on the formLanding5.png
  6. Click "Close"
  7. Release the form.
  8. At run-time when you validate your document the landing page should be on the "MyText" field of the "Activity" tab as shownLanding6.png


Applies to:  

Product Version
TotalAgility 7.4
TotalAgility 7.5
TotalAgility 7.6



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