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How does the Capture Access Permission for Groups and User works

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Question / Problem: 

Capture access permission to group is not working. I have given all the permissions to group to perform merge, reject, edit batch operations but user is not able to move the documents pages from one position to other position (example - move page 10 before page 2) when I give same permission to individual user then he is able to perform all the activities but when I give to group it’s not working

Answer / Solution: 

As per what you are seeing the capture permission rule hierarchy works as follows:

​- If the user has explicit access permissions set this will be used FIRST.

- If the user belongs to more than one group it is the lowest access permission that is used SECOND. (That is, if the user does not exist explicit)

You want to have the user in both groups as you already have but allow the move permission for both groups or all the groups that the user belongs to. 


Applies to:  

Product Version Category
KTA 7.3+ Designer


Author:  Tunji Akanni